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Decking Spacers

DeckWise® spacers are a great addition to your deck building toolbox. The versatile design allows you to use these decking spacers in any position between boards. And, with the bright color-coded design, finding the right spacer is now much easier than other generic, disposable brands on the market.

The special blade design of DeckWise® decking spacers prevents denting and marring of hardwood or composite boards that are pressed together during installation. Moving laterally in between boards is a breeze thanks to the spacers unique handle.

Contact your local dealer, or call us direct today to get build a smart deck with these professional grade colored stainless decking screws.

Do the smart thing. Build a smart deck with DeckWise®!

DeckWise® Deck Spacers
1/8" Gap Spacer from DeckWise®
1/8" Gap Spacer from DeckWise®
1/8" Gap Spacer from DeckWise®
1/8" Gap Spacer from DeckWise®
1/8" Gap Spacer from DeckWise®

20 Pack (4 of each size)